Roast, bake, steam, stew, simmer, fry, braise, grill, boil and toast – your ESSE will effortlessly manage all of these, with a warmth and friendliness that only a true cast iron range cooker can. It will instill a welcome leisurely pace to life in these frantic times and it will encourage you to cook in a more natural way.

The wonderful taste and aroma of superbly cooked dishes for every occasion, from the simple to the sumptuous, will be your constant reminder that you’ve chosen a rather special gas or electric range cooker. Mouth watering meats, beautifully cooked with all the juices and flavours sealed in, are the order of the day with an ESSE range cooker. Chicken, turkey, duck and game birds are crisp and golden roasted on the outside, yet tender and succulent on the inside, whilst bread and pastries rise to perfection – and often disappear within seconds of removing them from the oven!